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About Maude Andrade Design


Greetings and welcome to Maude Andrade Designs, founded 2009 and located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

About the T shirts....

They are soft, well made, durable, and not disposable fast fashion. The graphics I design are quirky and off-trend, simultaneously subtle and direct, so that they are intriguing to others, and a simple T shirt becomes a conversation starter.   I work on high quality T shirts made of a super soft blend of 70% organically grown bamboo and 30% organically grown cotton. After I print the shirts, they are machine-washed and dried on high heat, so they are completely preshrunk, travel well, and care is straightforward. These shirts are meant to be worn for many years, the black stays black with repeated washing.

Invest in clothes that match your values...

I believe in being a conscious clothing consumer, purchasing only what I need and will wear repeatedly, because it is beautiful, well made, and I love it.  I believe that good design makes style effortless and when we feel comfortable and look good we are inspired to be our best selves in our lives and in our communities.

By purchasing from this website you are supporting a small independently owned business that offers an alternative buying choice in the world of t shirts.


Maude Andrade



I accept secure payments via Credit Card and PayPal.  I want everyone to love what they purchase; and will give exchanges/refunds within two weeks of delivery.  See my policies for more detailed information on purchasing and shipping. Contact me with any questions about color, sizes, or issues with the website. maudeandrade8@gmail.com