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07 Dec '20

Maude Andrade Video by Apollo Road

Take a look at the video Alejandro Velasquez, the creative force behind Apollo Road, made this summer at my studio documenting my work & process. Alejandro is a delight to work with, he has the soul of an artist the know-how and aptitude to bring technology into the mix. I'm blessed to have him guide me into this new world of presenting myself and my work digitally online. I hope you enjoy the video and be in touch with questions and comments.
20 Oct '20


It’s been a year since Alejandro and I sat down to talk , it’s an understatement to say what a year it’s been, not in our wildest dreams could we imagine this, right?. This year’s conversation covers a lot of territory….. moving forward game plans, studio life, selling online, making videos, friendships, biking, drinking, and how growing up around parents who sold their art work really messed us up, ruined us for normal life!