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28 Mar '21

Tanesia Hale-Jones: Friend & Collaborator

Tanesia Hale-Jones

My dear friend Tanisa Hale-Jones, sent me these joyous photos of her rocking a Rain Cloud shirt!!!!  Let me tell you how wonderful she is…….really these photos of her beautiful badassness…..nuff said!!! 

And....She is a…..writer…..poet….mother…..junior high Montessori teacher with an infectious laugh and a sophisticated-cheeky sense of fashion.  She is my collaborator & irreverent art partner in crime. Here are some images of our 2016 installation Romance & Necessary Fictions at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque.

You know how musicians often say a hit song wrote itself, that it flowed out of them onto the page, well our collaboration was like that.  It was effortless, we started with the title and each idea lead to the next, our individual ideas supported our joint objective. Often while we worked we were laughing so hard, we were laughing-crying.

Grateful doesn’t even begin to express how fortunate I am that she is part of  my life!

21 Feb '21

Albuquerque Connections

Albuquerque connections!!!! Love them…..Niccoló wearing one of my Cloud Scatter Tshirts working in the Sachi Organics warehouse.  Amazing photo by his talented brother Nathaniel who is also the designer behind their brand Sachi Organics, the business their mother Lois created in 1981. I met Lois in 1989 when I bought a futon cover from her at Bright Future Futons.  How grateful I am to know these folks and how lucky Albuquerque is to have such a rich diverse range of small businesses!!